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The game masters that make it all happen


Allen R. Weiss


Allen currently serves as the Non-Executive Chairman of PlayFuel. As a former part-time operating partner at Apollo Capital Management, Allen has been involved with numerous acquisition projects. He has successfully been involved with the acquisition and sale of Great Wolf Resorts and the acquisition of Chuck E Cheese entertainment, ClubCorp and Diamond Resorts International. Due to his direct involvement in the abovementioned acquisitions, he earned a seat in the Board of Directors of these companies. He was also a part of the Board of Directors for Alticor (Amway) and Dick’s Sporting Goods. For Great Wolf Resorts, he served as Chairman of the Board and later as the Executive Chairman. Allen has established his career with Disney for 39 years. His last position was President of Worldwide Operations for Disney’s $10 billion Walt Disney Parks and Resorts business. His leadership role has gone beyond the field of entertainment and hospitality. He served in the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission Governor’s Council and has been a National Board Member of the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. The U.S. Commerce Secretary also appointed Allen as a founding member of the Corporation for Travel Promotion Board of Directors. In 2005, Allen was named “Most Influential Businessman in Central Florida” by the Orlando Business Journal.

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Jon Najarian


Jon Najarian currently serves as a Non-Executive Chairman of TNC IT Group & A senior advisor at PlayFuel. Jon has 25 years of experience as a professional investor and analyst for the stocks market and financial trading. He is also the Co-Founder of

Jon “DRJ” Najarian is a former linebacker for the Chicago Bears before he turned to another kind of contact sport – trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Jon is now an analyst on CNBC, the algorithm and framework he developed the Heat Seeker™ used to identify unusual activity in stock, options and futures is still used to this day to identify unusual option activity on CNBC. In 2005, Najarian co-founded, together with his brother Pete, optionMONSTER, an options news and education firm, and tradeMONSTER, a leading online brokerage firm, that for years has been rated “Best for Options Traders” by Barron’s and was the first online broker to deploy streaming, desktop-like trading in a web browser. Jon and Pete took on private equity firm General Atlantic Partners as a partner in 2014, ultimately selling TradeMonster to E*Trade for $750 million in 2016.


Awais Sakhi


Awais leads the PlayFuel team in strategic implementation. With a career in the programming of large-scale IT solutions, Awais is a proven IT expert. He has proficiency in C++, Solidity, Python, and JAVA. He turned his passion for blockchain into a professional calling.




G.W holds the responsibility of strategic planning and business development of PlayFuel. Also designated as the TNC IT Group CSO and ABBC CSO, he has gained extensive experience in handling cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused companies.

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